Bitrot - When Ones and Zeros Become Fuzzy

Jul 24, 2014

Without thinking much about it I always thought safeguarding my data was mostly a matter of having multiple copies, so files could be recovered in case of accidental deletion or disk crashes. Performing backups on a regular basis solved the first type of event whereas partitions mirrored on multiple physical disks solved the second.

What I did not consider was the risk of data degenerating due to the way it is physically stored.

How To Create Encrypted Disk Images on Windows 8 Pro

Feb 17, 2013

I regularly perform a backup of my data at home. I bring the backup to work on an external USB hard disk and copy it to a larger disk there, so I have at least two generations offsite. The backup on either disk must be encrypted in a way that ensures that a thief cannot get access to my data. I have tried various backup tools, but I keep returning to a routine that combines a mounted encrypted disk image with a utility that synchronizes select directories. It makes the process of copying the backup time consuming but very easy.

How to get an HP DesignJet 120 printer to work with Windows Vista 64 bit

I have searched the 'net for a driver for the HP DesignJet 120 printer, but could not find any. It seems as if HP has abandoned it due to new models being released and an unwillingness to support the old models on new operating systems.

How to extract XMP metadata from JPEG files in Java

I needed a way to extract XMP metadata from JPEG files so that my Java based gallery could display more information about the pictures than the standard IPTC fields. I have used a host of different DAM solutions in the past, but Lightroom 2 is currently my favorite and it provides XMP metadata of good quality.

How to use a 30 inch dual link DVI monitor with a Dell Studio XPS 16

Getting a 30 inch Samsung 305T dual link DVI monitor to work with a Dell XPS Studio 16 (1647) is no easy task. I have googled and googled for an answer, researched HDM-to-DVI adapters, and read Display Port specifications.